Adams Canyon Daytrip


What can I say? We love the outdoors….

The computer that I am currently typing on literally has a million stickers on it (more like 10) just exclaiming how much I love the outdoors! One of my favorite quotes is from a Park City sticker that says “Adventure starts when plans end”. Such a simple quote but it really has a lot of meaning to it.

We did exactly that last Saturday when we had a free afternoon after a day of traveling for 10 hours straight from Salt Lake to Boise and back (I told you, we really do love to travel).

We decided to go to Adam’s Canyon, located in Layton, Utah. At the end of the hike is a waterfall but we didn’t want to push ourselves too far so we just decided to go halfway and hammock at the very top of the canyon. I got to say this place is beautiful and it might be my new favorite hiking area.

Adam’s canyon is located about 30-45 minutes from Salt Lake City. And I am telling you this hidden gem is really hidden. If there was no Google maps, I would be lost.

When you first start the hike you come across what looks like stairs but really are just steep hills with wooden railing on the side,which makes it easier to get up. This part proved to be the most difficult part of the hike but other than that it is a pretty intermediate hike. Also at the very top you get rewarded with a gorgeous view of the Great Salt Lake!

We hung up our hammock (which is our new obsession) and put it on these two tree branches where we were able to chill and fall asleep for a little bit, which was nice.

If you ever get to visit Salt Lake, definitely sacrifice the drive to this place and spend a day exploring the beauty of the canyons of Utah. You won’t regret it.