Zoo Trip


We went to the zoo! This past week we headed to Utah’s Hogle Zoo. Located outside of Salt Lake City. We were there to celebrate Hyrum’s nieces birthday and it was so fun! Very exhausting but fun.

Their are several exhibits and tons of animals to see. Even though we did not get to see every single animal we saw a good chunk of them all. Lions, Tigers, Panthers and Bears!

Our favorite exhibit was probably the seals. They were very lively and practically put on a show for everyone there. It was really interesting to see them play and swim effortlessly in the water through all the rock medians in the water. The kids had an absolute blast as well! I mean look at the girls faces!!

Overall it was a very eventful day full of love and happiness and a whole lot of animals. Forever grateful for my second family.


10 Wedding DIYs you will Love


Wedding Fever is high in my house! Anticipating a wedding in July is a lot of work for the months coming up to it.

Why not share some DIYs that I love and will save me money in the long run. Its the perfect combination, here are some of my favorites that will definilty be making a cameo at mine:



This Wedding Mad Libs will be sure to be a big hit at your wedding and it helps to get to know the bride and groom a little more.

Wedding Mad Libs Printable


Donut Bars are definitely “in”right now and they most certainly will make an appearance at my own wedding. All you need is a chalkboard sign and a couple of cake stands to display this very easy display.


These DIY printable sparkler send offs by Ever Mine Weddings are so easy and the great send off favor!


This DIY Baby’s Breath Flower Crown is so exceptionally pretty that you cant help but have fun with this and make it for your special day.


This is a DIY that we are also doing and it is so simple and easy!! Seriously! We got our wooden pallets from the back of a Costco. Lots of stores have wooden pallets from deliveries and they should be free to just grab but if they do charge it should just be a small amount! Also, these plants can be natural or you could find some flowers at Micheal’s craft store.


This one is a super beautiful display that can really make a room stand out. Love this DIY from Paper & Stitch.



Lots of floral incorporated into this post but these maybe a more intricate DIY but I have seen these at my friends wedding and they were incredible for people to pose in front of.


Baby’s Breath is a big floral wedding trend but I really love the simplicity of this flower and this DIY for your groomsmen.


Balloons are a major staple at any party but why limit that to just birthday’s. Weddings need some love too, so I really like this one from Sweet Thing.


Chalkboards are going to be a major trend at weddings, if not already. I love this alternative to just a wooden board.