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Hi everyone! I hope your having a great week so far. Its almost Friday. (Holla!)

Okay, so I pretty much live for  a good portrait photo. I think everyone in their life should have a portrait of themselves done right, because I mean who doesn’t love a good photo of themselves (you know your thinking that too).

My wonderful (soon- to be) sister in law is an amazing photographer. I really look up to her skills of photography and the way she uses natural lighting in her work. If you need a photographer in the Idaho/ Utah area. Check her out!

We had an impromptu shoot at her loft in Idaho and it was so random but so fun. These photos were taken last spring but I still really admire them. Whenever I see them I think teenage witch meets Bohemian loft….. haha I know weird combo right. But it works!


Photography: Cassie Anne Photography


Dream Home…


I have been relentlessly shopping online nonstop everyday for the past two months looking for the perfect furniture for our home in August! I know what your thinking, August? You have enough time.

But in reality I know if we put off furniture shopping, I will regret it and have a bridezilla meltdown, so I cannot help but log onto the holy grail of all inspirational boards, Pinterest, to look at all the holiness that it has for inspiration. Here are some of my faves:


Love. Love. Love this one from Design Sponge. The faux calf skin on the floor works perfectly with the mix of green textures from the plants. Simple and clean.

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Warning* I will use the word love in almost every picture. But honestly, truly, I love this space and the black and white patterns that just mesh perfectly with the orange hues. So southwestern-ly chic of you.


The hung shelf in the room really adds this unexpected amount of depth into the room and by having the art work at eye level makes it that much more enjoyable. *heart eyes*


If you do not know NewDarlings you have been living under a rock because they are literally goals. I die at their new space.


The idea of White Furniture and Greenery makes me swoon. Bring on the cacti and succulents.


This space is so fun and fresh. Seriously dig a good tribal rug.


Fur Rug and wood mix so well together, especially this dark wooden one. Adds so much dimension and a hint of bohemian to the room.


This minimalist office space is beautiful. There are similar drawers at IKEA that are so dreamy in an all white space.


Grey tones are so beautiful and I enjoyed the dark grey and light grey tones together and I love this woven baskets and wooden accent tables.


This black and white rug is perfect under the dining table and works great with the huge painted mural above the side table. Styling points right there!

Hope you enjoyed my little dream home escapade! I cant wait till we have a home all to ourselves and we get to paint the walls and figure out how to style it. Forever will obsess over these homes.


Spring is in the air

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Spring is here! At least there have been some days of warmer weather here, so I guess spring isn’t here yet but one can only dream.

Spring to me means being barefoot as much as possible, flowers, cute spring time outfits and outdoor adventures. So you could say I’m pretty excited about this upcoming spring, especially with all the road trips we have ahead!!

For those cute spring outfits, Thrift stores are one of my favorite places to find those transitional pieces from winter to spring and I found the perfect denim button up skirt to make any outfit unique.

This hat was also thrifted and cost me $5!!
I’ve got to say I love a good fit and this outfit goes perfectly unexpected together. It’s a good mix and balance of colors that I adore in an outfit that makes me feel comfortable and confident.

So go hit up your local thrift store and look for those unexpected pieces.

Outfit Details:

Green Utility Jacket

Milo Sandals

Button Up Skirt– Thrifted

Panama Hat– Thrifted

Basic Black Tee